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The characteristics of the roller


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In China's industrial applications, no matter what kind of briquette machine, the pressure roller is a core component,our company spent huge amounts to engage in scientific research in 2016.In the second half of 2007, it is successful to produce wear-resistant alloy roll, It is not only wear-resistant materials, abut also using a special process and precision casting overall.

Features of mesh belt dryer are as follows:

Wear layer thickness is 25-35 mm. In industrial production, all kinds of powder materials are required to join binder, as the material powder contains a variety of chemicals that cause it to roll weak or strong corrosive, in industrial coal gasification and coal production, acid corrosion of the rolls is particularly destructive.

Roller assembly and wheel hub of briquette machine can be processed into tamper structure,which shall be compacted firmly by bolts for stability and reliance,easy to remove or repair.

In Hubei, Henan. Nanyang area, smelting vanadium is very popular , vanadium ore smelting process must be added to salt, corrosion resistant alloy roll is very strong, local users to deeply feel its excellent wear resistance and advantages .