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The Largest Briquette Machine Manufacturer in China


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ZHONGZHOU HEAVY INDUSTRY Machinery is one of the largest briquette machine manufacturer in China. It has been in coal briquette machine manufacturing industry for more than 7 years. ZHONGZHOU HEAVY INDUSTRY Machinery is a branch of ZHONGZHUO corporation which has been established for more than 24 years, 4 sales departments, two technology departments. We have got the certificates of ISO9001 and CE by Italy issused. So our machine quality and the operating safety is guaranteed. ZHONGZHOU Heavy Industry Machinery insists in learning, improving, innovating, so our machines are continuously updated. The machine will be more and more convenient and energy-saving. ZHONGZHOU Heavy Industry Machinery has sold the machine to more than 40 countries, and the customers give us great feedback. We can customize machines for people who have special demands. Our machine has reasonable price and we will give you the best service.

ZHONGZHOU Heavy Industry Machinery mainly runs the business of coal briquette machine, mining briquette machine, metallurgy briquette machine, rotary dryer, mesh screen dryer, vertical dryer, two-shafts mixer, mining crusher and other auxiliary machines. Today, we are going to talk about the briquette machine. There are many briquette machine suppliers in the world, and we are one briquette machine supplier who has special characteristics. The briquette machines of ZHONGZHOU Heavy Industry Machinery have different types, output 2T/H, 4T/H,6-10T/H, 15T/H,20T/H,30T/H,40-50T/H , The coal/charcoal briquette machine can process non-biomass materials, like coal powder, coke powder, iron ore, iron concentrate, converter dust, quicklime etc, and it can also process the charcoal powder. The final briquettes can be burn as fuels. The briquette fuels are environmental, so it is the great substitute of traditional fuels, like coal, gasoline, petroleum.

The service of ZHONGZHOU Heavy Industry Machinery is the best, for we will try to solve the problems for customers and make them satisfied. We have our own after sale service center, all the problems will be sent to the center. There will be specialized person to handle those problems. Once you find there are some problems that are not caused by the humans within the specified time, you can tell us, we will give you a satisfactory reply as soon as possible, here we remind all customer that try to find the real manufacturer not the trading company, when you visit suppliers and inspect them if they are real manufacturer, if that factory is belong to them, because we often know many trading companies bring customers to visit us, then they told customers it is their factory. Take attention to business lisences.

As the briquette machine manufacturer, ZHONGZHOU Heavy Industry Machinery is trying to give customers the high quality products and best service, and if there is one customer sends an E-mail to us, we will reply the customer at 24 hours and won’t let him/her wait for long time. There is one thing that can indicates the quality of our briquette machine is good, that is the customer won’t need after sale service. If you have any problems in installation, debugging, and operation, our technicians will help you to solve them until your briquette machine works normally.

If you are interested in our briquette machine, please e-mail us and we will introduce machine to you in detail.