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The Feeding size requirement of high pressure briquette machine


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1.The materials shall be fine to some degree: fineness: 60-200, the material gain and components will bring higher impact on the briquette rate, the max size of feeding materials shall be less than 2mm, whose proportion shall not exceed 20%.

2. For the materials with sound viscosity and fluidity, the process of dry powder ball process can be used,yet in the technical designing, the returned materials must be crushed before being added to the hopper of the ballpress.

3. Any metal or dry powder semi-finished products shall not be mixed in the materials, for the retunedx materials which are placed for over 24 hours, the max grain size shall be less than 2mm (use crushing machine to crush when necessary).

4. In the process, a metal removing device shall be set, otherwise, the use life of the low-press rolls willbe seriously reduced or the transmission device will be damaged (non-metal materials).

5. The mineral powder materials which exceed the requirements in grain size shall be set with roll grinding device.