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Project Case

  • 1.5*10m rotary dryer

    Handling material: sand

    Customer’s situation: at the beginning of July 2016, Mr Hai in Vietnam left a message about rotary dryer on our website, according to his raw material(sand), the capacity(12t/h) and the construction site, through two months of communication, we finally signed the contract.

  • briquette machine ZZXM-10

    Handling materials: coal

    On February 10th, 2016, John in South Africa was interested in our coal briquette machine on the Internet, and consulted our sale manager, according to the moisture and the size of coal powder, the capacity, the final briquettes and his budget

  • horizontal two-shaft mixer ZZWJ-2000

    Handling materials: iron ore

    Customer is a mining owner in a town of Mexico, who has owned one iron ore production line, and who chose to cooperate with our company after inspecting our company and being introduced by one peer when decided to invest on a small iron briquettes production line.

  • Zhongzhou Briquette Machinery Plant

    Handling materials: Indonesian coal

    Mr Jose of Indonesia bought two coal powder briquetting machines from Zhengzhou Zhongzhou Briquette Machinery Plant in July. Through more than one and a half month transportation, these machines arrived at his construction site successfully and timely.