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An overview of vertical dryers


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Vertical drying equipment, also known as vertical dryer, it is designed for the drying of coal briquettes, mineral powder pellets and etc, reasonable design, high heat utilization, good drying effect. Vertical drying equipment is Zhongzhou company in a lot of practice and developed a highly efficient energy-saving drying products. We has this patent.

Vertical dryer features are as follows:
1. It is easier to save energy.
2. It is easier to guarantee gas quality.
3. Its operation is more flexible and easy to maintain.
4. It can run continuously, high efficiency, large output, saving manpower and resources.

The main part of the new energy-saving vertical dryer uses a vertical structure, greatly improving the heat utilization of the dryer, to avoid a lot of heat loss.In the energy supply can be used biomass gasifier and gas furnace as a heat source device. And vertical dryer exhaust treatment methods are different from the previous, divided into water desulfurization and bag-type dust and other ways.Vertical dryer in the function and quality have been greatly improved.