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How to control moisture of raw materials for briquette machine


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Reasonable debug the moisture of raw materials in the briquetting machine production process is a technical question. Materials in the production line are too dry, prone to appear two hemispheres and broken ball phenomenon during pressure; materials are too wet, thebriquetting machine's ball socket expire materials during pressure to cause not ball and stuffy car phenomenon.

Methods are as follows:
First, realize the briquetting machine's structure and composition. Briquetting machine's structure is composed of three parts, feeding part, transmission part, forming part. Feeding part, notably complete dosing materials to protect materials equally into the roller. Spiral feeding install by electromagnetic speed motor drive, through pulley, worm accelerator rotation will forced press the pressed material feed into feeding inlet. Transmission parts, briquetting machine main drive system is motor - triangle - accelerated machine - open gear - roller. Host machine is provided energy by electromagnetic motor, through pulley, cylindrical gear acceleration machine, automatically transmitted to automatic axle by rod pin coupling. The automatic axis and passive axis operate synchronous through the open gear. Forming part, mainly means the main engine, the central part is roller.When materials between two rollers are too many , the gap between two rollers can increase and let the materials through expression roller, system pressure recover normally, and can protect rollers not damaged.

Secondly, the briquettes production process, material moisture should be strictly controlled, raw materials water debugging control position is always at the mixer. General briquetting machine moisture binder adopt lime and clay, molding moisture is 18-20%; binder with pulp or humicacid forming moisture is 10-12%; composite binder molding moisture 11-13%; binder asphalt molding moisture content of 2-4%; young lignite binderless molding moisture 12-18%; binderless weathering anthracite extrusion moisture 15-18%; binderless molding moisture less than 12%. Briquettes production line debugging process, both adjusting test process, machinery and equipment, operation and maintenance personnel training, internships, training process.