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An overview of mesh belt dryers


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Mesh dryer is a batch, continuous production of drying equipment, the main heating methods are electric heating, steam heating, hot air heating. The main principle is to spread the material evenly on the net belt, the dryer uses the 12-60 mesh steel wire mesh belt, drag the briquettes by the drive to move back and forth within the dryer,hot air passes through the product, the water vapor is discharged from the vent, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. The length of the box is made according to the standard combination, in order to save the site, the dryer can be made into a multi-layer. length of 6-40m, the effective width of 0.6-3.0m.

Features of mesh belt dryer are as follows:

1. With automatic tensioning device, mesh belt running smoothly, flip freely, thus solving the off chain, card chain, deviation and so on.

2. Screen selection of heat-resistant steel wire woven into a network, high strength, not easily deformed, good ventilation.

3. The mesh belt is driven by the speed regulation motor, the running speed can be adjusted according to the need and the drying time is controlled.

4. The mesh belt dryer has a maintenance channel for each section to facilitate maintenance of the equipment.

5. Equipped with fire protection device, the head, the middle and the tail are equipped with three thermoelectric system, flue inlet with smoke gate, once the mechanical failure, immediately put down the gate, cut off the heat source to prevent the fire.

Mesh belt dryer is a commonly used continuous drying equipment, can be widely used in chemical, food, metallurgy, building materials and other industries