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Two Stage Crusher ZZPS600X400
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Handling materials: iron ore

Customer’s situation: Customer is a mining owner in a town of Mexico, who has owned one iron ore production line, and who chose to cooperate with our company after inspecting our company and being introduced by one peer when decided to invest on a small iron briquettes production line.

Major equipment: one set two-stage crusher ZZPS600X400, two sets horizontal two-shaft mixer ZZWJ-2000, one set briquette machine ZZXM-6, and several belt conveyors ZZPD500.

Production Situation
Daily operation: 8 hours
Feeding size: 200mm below
Finished size: 3mm below
Capacity: 10-12t/h

Customer’s feedback:
To establish an effective partnership with your company is owing to the introduction of one friend in the same field whose equipment has being used for three years with stable operation and best quality, and the technicians being sent by your company often reminds of the daily maintenance by telephone or email, which also can boost the continuous production in order to achieve the purpose of production and profit increasing at the same time. That is the reason why i chose your company and felt that is a wise choose.