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Vertical Combined Dryer
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Handling materials: lignite
Customer’s situation: At the beginning of January 2018, Mr Lazaro in Mongolia left a message about briquettes production line on our website, according to his raw material(liginte), the capacity(30t/h) and the construction site, through 6 months of communication, we finally signed the contract.

Major equipment: vertical combined dryer
Production Situation
Daily operation: 24 hours
Feeding size: 50mm oblate briquettes
Capacity: 30t/h .
Customer’s feedback:
I searched the web for briquette machine and contacted your company, founding that there are so many successful solutions in the overseas, so i chose your company to cooperate. I bought 30t/h briquettes production line after six months, whose operation are very smooth and stable, which reach the expected production and bring much profit for us, so i believe that we will have a long friendship in the future.