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The daily maintenance of briquette making machine


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When it refers to the maintenance work, you should clean the dust on briquette making machine first. During the dismantling process, you should avoid the entry of dust into the moving parts of briquette making machine. Secondly, you should often check the wearing condition of parts like bearing, screw, triangle belts and feeding mouth. Besides, you should often change the grease for lubricating bearings. Thirdly, you should dismantle the bearing cap of roll shaft and check the wearing condition of bearings.Fourthly, you should dismantle the cover for inspecting the reducer and check the wearing and meshing conditions of bearings. At last, you should often check the bay bolt and safety bolt. If they are loosened, you should firmly fix them. For the oil in the open gear box, it should immerse the gears for more than 60mm. For every three months, you should open the bearings on roll shaft and inject oil inside. No matter how you operate the coal briquetting plant in daily time, you should make checks for every three months or six months.

Features of mesh belt dryer are as follows:

Known as the Zhongzhou brand of China Mining Machinery, Zhongzhou briquetting machine manufacturer has made the production for more than 23 years. Except for the coal briquetting machine,Zhongzhou can also produce other dryers like desulfurization gypsum briquette machine, dry powder briquetting machine, hydraulic briquette machine and ore powder briquetting machine, etc.