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Five factors affecting briquetting rate


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Briquette machine is mainly used for coal powder, coal, slime, coal, coking coal, coke powder, coke and other powder, all of which can be pressed into briquettes by this machine. The final shape can be square, spherical, oval, round, column, bar, bread, pillow, etc.

Five factors that affect briquetting rate are as follows:

1. Material moisture content. When the water content is large, it is easy to cause the products and the pressure roller bonding, resulting in incomplete product shape.

2. The amount of impurities in the material. In the process of pressing the material, impurities will affect the fit between the material particles, it is easy to cause product cracking, forming effect is low.

3. The pressure of briquette machine. Mechanical strength of a direct impact on the product in the follow-up industry chain in the advantages of play.

4. The performance of the material itself. When the material is squeezed in the machine, the material produces an opposing force with each other, but it can be offset by the binder.

5. The size of the material. The distribution of materials to be uniform, if uneven distribution, easily lead to finished product strength is not enough.

The size of the briquettes and the performance of the adhesive also affect the performance of the final product. So according to the performance of raw materials to select the appropriate adhesive and briquette size.