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Binder in briquettes production process


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In making briquettes production process, if want to get hard briquettes, the pressure from briquette machine is important, machinery pressure or hydraulic pressure, but don't ingnore another point, binder, it is also affect the final hardness of briquettes, depend on our 20 year manufacture experience, we suggest all customers as follows on choosing binder:

1.Glucosidic binders with water:starch,molasses,lignosulfonate

Molasses in combination with hydrated lime probably is hte most commonly employed binder,Calcium saccharates will form under pressure yielding excellent green strength properities,Mortar forming through CO2 will then improve the setting behaviour

2.Non-glucosidic organic solutions:bakelite,polymers

3.Inorganic solutions:water,glass,phosphoric acid

4.Clayey binders:bentonite

5.Fibrous binders:cellulose fibers,paper fluff

If you want to get more information on binder usage in briquettes production process , please contact with us at any time, we are Henan Zhongzhou Heavy Industry Technology CO.,Ltd, we look forward to your inquiry! Welcome you to visit our factory!