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Transported three 750 briquette machines to the Middle East


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After three months of communication with the customer, the customer finally confirmed the order in December. After a month of production, in January of the following year, we arranged the delivery.

We produce the briquettes production line, but the main product is briquette machine, it can be used for pressing briquettes from coal/coke/charcoal/manganese/sponge iron powder,aluminum ore etc materials,  different output 1-50ton/h. The final briquettes can be in 15-120mm,  spherical,oval etc shape.
Model 750 is one of our most popular products, it can meet the needs of most customers. If coal is used as a measure of output, the output of this machine is 15 tons per hour. If it is used for iron powder or other specific gravity comparisons high raw materials, the output is about 17-18 tons.
If you are interested in this machine, please feel free to contact me, my WhatsApp/Wechat is +8618539955836.